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Social Media Packages

Package Features Basic Essential Premiere Custom
Costing (Monthly) $199 $399 $499 $599
Sites Included 4 6 6 8
Hours of Work / month 20 30 40 50
Social Media Accounts Setup / Optimization / Management
Facebook Fan page
Google+ Business Page
Instagram Page
Pinterest Business Page
LinkedIn Company Page
Youtube Page
Custom Graphic Design* 1 2
Cover/ Header images 1 2
Social Media Posting (Monthly Base) 12 24 36 48
Conversion Tracking Setup
Suggest Targeted Demographic
Building Audience / New Fans / Likes
Increase Page Likes
Increase Followers
Sharing in Groups
Spam Monitoring
Join Communities
Facebook/Linkedin Sub-Pages Setup
Campaign Review / Optimization
Account Management / Audit
Social Media Reporting
Reporting Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Dedicated Account Representative
Support Email & Phone Support
Email, Chat, Phone*
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Basic level of work included. Advance optimization may require additional hours purchase.


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Not on social media yet? No worries! We offer services for complete social media profile setup, including content and high-quality social media graphics packages.As the leading facebook and linkedin Marketing in Australia, we capitalize on various social media platforms to make your business rank on top and increase your sales.

The only Social Media Marketing in Melbourne,

that puts its heart and soul into generating online buzz for your business. While you are reading this page, someone might have hit the ‘like’ button on the ‘Facebook’ or posted a new photograph on ‘Instagram’ or even build relations through ‘LinkedIn’.

These social networking sites work similar to a magnet, as the existing users always attract more audience and hence the online community continues to grow. As they serve as major platforms on which your customers discuss their opinions about your products and website, it would be sheer negligence not to reserve a place for your brand over there.

Forming an online presence is like planting a tree whose fruits can be reaped by your business for a long time. But, to ensure this, you need to learn the rules of the game. But, why bother when we have already gained the mastery in them? Web Marketing Guru provides services such as Facebook Marketing and LinkedIn marketing throughout Australia, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth so that you don’t lag behind in this online race.

We employ best tactics for Facebook Marketing and LinkedIn Marketing in Australia, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.


1.Prepare the Social Media Audit Report:

We check the current social media profiles of your firm (If you have any) for:

  • Are the sites right for your business type?
  • Do profiles come across as genuine or fake?
  • Are the profiles completed, i.e., are all the details filled?
  • Does the content sound meaningful to the audience?
  • Are images and videos of good quality?
  • What is the frequency of the posts?
  • Is the information scarce or superfluous?

We then analyze the activities done by your competitors and compare their social media status with yours.

2.Create the comprehensive plan for Social Media : :

  • Zero in on the sites on which having your profile is favourable
  • Keep the colours, tone & other aspects consistent with the branding
  • Set the target for the reach, i.e., number and type of followers
  • Decide the suitable content type for each profile

3.Put the plan into implementation:

  • Build accounts on the pre-decided social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Publish engaging content and post the latest news about the firm
  • Utilize videos, images, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, etc.
  • Encourage audience to give their feedback.

4.Focus on continuous involvement:

  • Keep readers engaged in your posts by reacting to their comments
  • Take criticism seriously and try to improve


  • You can target those tech-savvy customers who look for reviews posted on social media before making any significant purchase.
  • Website traffic is increased via online users who view your social media profiles and get interested in knowing more about your business.
  • Sustain the brand image by constantly updating content and posting details about the product launches, events, parties, etc.
  • Accentuate your brand values and philosophy using multiple platforms and expand your market reach.
  • Leverage the unique features of different social media sites to your benefit.
  • Provide customers with a better experience and gain their loyalty.

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