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Mobile App Development Australia Wide

Nowadays, most businesses that have a digital platform have a mobile app. The convenience of having a mobile app attracts more users to the business. In this fast-paced era, everyone would look for an easier way to access the website features without actually going to the website. With a mobile app, this is possible as users would be able to directly access all the information they need. Mobile apps are also a great way to offer rewards, promotions, and maintain a constant interaction with your customers.

Developing a mobile app can be a tricky business. Web Marketing Guru offers mobile app development services for any type of business. Some of the benefits of choosing us are:

Trusted Flutter Mobile App Developers in Australia

You would notice that some apps operate differently in a phone with an Android OS compared to one with an iOS. Here is some information about the different kinds of apps differentiated by the Operating System they work on:

iOS Apps

If Android OS runs on most mobile brands, iOS runs on all Apple products. This mobile operating system is designed just for Apple products like iPhone and iPad devices. However, through research, it is found that iOS users use more apps and have more in-app purchases. Though it is easier and cheaper to develop an iOS app, it has more regulations and rules. By working with us, rest assured that your mobile app will run smoothly on iOS devices.

Android Apps

Most of the mobile brands currently run on Android OS. Being an open-source OS developed by Google, many apps are usually developed for Android phones due to its flexibility in customisation. However, one main concern is fragmentation. As Android phones come in various screen resolutions, apps need to be developed to match the device resolution. Through Flutter, we are able to easily scale for all screen resolutions so that your business and your customers experience amazing UI.

Hybrid Apps

Currently, app development has progressed greatly that you don’t have to develop two separate apps to run on each OS! Hybrid apps will save on costs and time when you just have to work on one app. We use Flutter to develop an app with flawless UX for users through an easy and simple UI that can smoothly run on any OS as well as screen resolution.

Long-Term Partnership

Developing a mobile app does not just end with delivering the final product – like any other app, it requires constant updates and, in some cases, a total revamp in UI. We’ll work with you through any changes or revisions you would like in your app.

Developing Strategies

No app can be built without first planning what you want in an app. To ensure that your hybrid app runs smoothly, our developers can advise you on what you need for your app and what is not required and could slow down your app. Every part of your app will be tested before we release the final product.

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Delivering a Finished Product

Once we have committed to designing your hybrid mobile application, we will work on it from conceptualisation till the final product. You will be consulted in every step of the way. The development process can take anywhere between 3-12 months, depending on the scale of your project as well as the available technology. We develop both client-facing apps as well as internal apps. You can also get a custom app for various processes, including staff integration, project management, etc.

Customisations to Your App

No app can be built without first planning what you want in an app. To ensure that your hybrid app runs smoothly, our developers can advise you on what you need for your app and what is not required and could slow down your app. Every part of your app will be tested before we release the final product.

Mobile App development For Start Ups & SME Businesses in Australia

With new start-ups already adapting to the digital world and small and medium enterprises investing in digital infrastructure, mobile app development has become a must. Mobile apps can help improve sales, bring in new customers and clients, maintain a constant interaction with customers, and also provide great customer service!

Web Marketing Guru uses Flutter for all your app development needs. A framework designed to build new apps, this codebase makes developing native and hybrid apps easy, quick, and interactive. The ease of this framework allows us to keep it in a single codebase for both native and hybrid apps.

The expertise you receive when you choose Web Marketing Guru along with the convenience of using Flutter framework to build your mobile app is immeasurable. Here’s how we can help you using Flutter:

What is Flutter? 10 reasons to use flutter for your Next Mobile App Project

Flutter has been helping a range of businesses when it comes to app development. The ease of writing codes to build apps has made it the most recommended framework among businesses globally! And what’s more? This is launched by Google, making it the most trusted framework in the market. Companies like Hamilton Music and Alibaba have developed their apps using flutter, and no further proof is needed to show how their business is doing currently.

Here are some reasons you should choose flutter for your mobile app development:

Have you ever been interested in any app that takes a long time to load? No, and neither will your app users. One of the greatest features of flutter apps are they are developed for functionality and the best UX due to the various technologies incorporated into flutter.
Depending on the platform you are developing the app, the code needs to change. However, this is not the case for flutter. Whether you are building a native app for Android OS or iOS, flutter needs just one code for both platforms. That’s why it’s greatly recommended for businesses building hybrid apps too but were too sceptical about the quality. You also save time and money in this regard.
Your users are going to be diverse, and so will their mobile devices. However, whether your app user uses a device with an older OS or the latest version, rest assured they will have the same UX as other users.
Without a great UI, don’t expect your clients or potential clients to be using your app often. Flutter gives you the flexibility of creating aesthetically appealing UI designs with its extensive array of customisable widgets. Some of the widgets include navigational patters, scrolling functions, as well as other design widgets. You will get a mobile app with an exceptional UI when we develop your app through flutter.
With the same code for both platforms, you don’t have to worry about the time it takes to test the app. Your work is literally cut in half due to the features of flutter like real-time changes, same code for both platforms, etc. Our app developers can also invest more time in bettering your app’s functionality without hampering the processing speed.

Why Work With Web Marketing Guru?

As a digital marketing agency, our aim is to render an end-to-end service that encompasses all the digital platforms you would want your presence on. This includes from developing your main website to running targeted ads to gain more customer. With the advent of mobile apps as part of our services, we can now offer complete digital solutions for the best results. There are various reasons we are the right digital marketing agency for your mobile app development:

Matching Your Ideas With Your Business Goal:
When we handle your online marketing, we aim to understand your business first. So, when you come to us with a great app for your business, we will bring our expertise and skills to transform it into a product that will benefit your business. Our in-depth analysis of your app will allow us to validate its feasibility in a technical and marketing sense. In the end, you will get an app that exactly matches your requirements.

Developing a Mobile App Strategy:
Once your ideas are put into perspective, the next step is to create a detailed plan. Being a digital marketing agency, we do our due diligence to understand what your business objectives are as well as your audience. That’s why, when we develop your mobile app strategy, we consider the value it will bring to your company and the technical requirements needed to execute them. Mapping out the strategy also ensures that you won’t incur any unnecessary cost and the app will be done on time.

UX-Focused App Designs:
Happy customers = successful business. This is the motto that most businesses follow, and we follow them too! To ensure that your customers experience the best service from you, we our intuitive team designs apps that focus on better UI for a better user experience. Conversions are easy when the app operates seamlessly.

Following the Agile Process:
Constant communication is key to ensuring that you receive the app you want. This can only be achieved by adopting the agile method while developing your app. We will consult with you every step of the way and will test each part of the app in real time through flutter so that any change can be made immediately. This cost-effective and time-saving method will ensure that you get an app that is highly customised yet streamlined.

Introducing Your App in the Market:
Our job doesn’t just end with developing your app. Marketing is the main aspect of our job, and we’ll put out all the stops to get your app in the market. We will design a custom app marketing plan to build a strong presence for your app.

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When developing an app, quality matters. The usual range of building a basic app is in the range of $5000 – $10,000.

If the app is to be a little more complex, however, the cost could be closer to $100,000. This is because when building a more complicated app, sophisticated functionality and more features are included. Factors such as security, design, architecture, back-end dev, and quality testing expand.

Of course, a complicated app does not always result in a better app. This is where an experienced and trustworthy app development team steps in to help. Expert advice on the matter will help you invest your money in the right place so that you get a better app at a fair price.

At Web Marketing Guru, we believe that local, world-class app development teams should be easily accessible to Australian businesses and entrepreneurs. In the last few years, the app development market in Australia has been commoditised and outsourced. Unfortunately, this has resulted in inferior solutions as well as a skill drain for local services.

We, however, believe in changing the tide for the better. At Web Marketing Guru, all our app developers are in-house so any changes that you need can be done immediately. They are just a phone call away.

At Web Marketing Guru, we believe in efficiency as well as speed. This is possible because our team provides a local end-to-end app build process. This saves a large chunk of time required to build your app.

By using the flutter framework, we are able to develop native apps using the same codebase, reducing the time and cost. Developing an app can take anywhere between 3-12 months, depending on the customisations and the technology available.

Yes! One way we encourage local businesses and start-ups is by catering to their app needs. Flexibility and trustworthiness are extremely important especially for such organizations. As a responsive development partner, we ensure that they are provided with excellent service at a reasonable price and timeframe so that their work and vision reach greater heights.
When it comes to mobile apps, there are three main development routes: Web, Native and Hybrid. Each development path has its own pros and cons.

Native mobile apps are built for a specific app ecosystem. These are usually the Google Play or Apple App Store, which are locked into those user bases. Due to the speed at which they are delivered and their functionality, we build web apps and track progressive web apps as the future.

Progressive Web Apps are hybrids of native and web apps. PWAs are a great alternative to native app development as they expand the functionality of web apps without locking you into a limited user base. It is with features such as working offline or sending push notifications that PWAs are able to expand their functionality. Both these features render HTML pages. Hybrid apps, however, use app-embedded browsers to do this.
Of course. Depending on your needs, we are able to offer different levels of support and service level agreements. This also includes after-hours support. We offer you an ongoing maintenance fee for your application. This allows you a set fee each month and converts to credits on your account. These credits are really beneficial as they have a 3-month expiry from the issuing date. Whether it be maintenance, new features or even small adjustments, these credits can be used to ease the process.
At Web Marketing Guru, our customers’ web applications are hosted on public cloud. While storing your data here, storing your backups as well as running your web and data servers, there are ongoing costs that are acquired. These cost may be associated with SMS or phone calls credits, hosting and streaming data heavy content (for e.g.: streaming video to thousands of users) or even sending a large amount of emails. Based on the size, complexity and target of your web application, our team will provide an estimate on your monthly costs to make it easier for you.
Any provider that provides a public REST, SOAP or otherwise ‘online’ API having good documentation that we can access, we can integrate with such providers. A few providers that we have integrated our customers’ web applications are Strip payment service, Mail Chimp mailing lists, eBay marketplace, SMS and Phone call applications, Mapping services, Xero accounting, Australian Post shipments and labels, Zoho, Salesforce CRMs and Google’s G Suite to name a few.
Yes. The web applications developed by our team go through several testing stages for software quality assurance. These applications go through automatic feature as well as unit test. Manual human testing these applications is also a part of our internal quality assurance process.

To ensure proper functionality, we also host a staging environment for our customers. This basically means that there is a duplication of what is, or what will be your production when application with a set of dummy data. This is extremely helpful because it allows customers to conduct a testing of their application or new features, which have been developed and added before these features are released into their production environment.

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