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At Web Marketing Guru, we want to help Australian small businesses solve the issue that everyone is asking: How do we get more customers?

With over 3000 happy clients, Web Marketing Guru understands the plight of the small business owner. We will:

1. Deliver Guaranteed SEO Results in 90 Days*
2. Take the complexity out of SEO
3. Speak to you in a language you understand

There is nothing worse than signing up for online marketing to get no results and have no idea what is going on. With our results-oriented approach, we explain our SEO processes in plain English while getting you the customers, leads and sales you deserve. Talk to the Web Marketing Gurus, we are trusted by over 3000 Australian business owners.

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We look at where you are. And where you want your business to be.
We’ll work out an SEO strategy that gets you there.

At Web Marketing Guru we value a transparent service. Forget just a free quote, we give you a comprehensive SEO consultation for free which tells you:

1. Your SEO position compared to your competitors
2. Your strengths and your opportunities for improvement
3. An in-depth roadmap of results you can expect with SEO
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Put simply, SEO is a process that forms part of a digital marketing strategy that focuses on optimising a website to make it more visible in search engine results pages (i.e. in Google search results) with the goal of driving organic traffic to the website. Organic traffic is driven to a website from clicks on these search results.
Organic traffic is natural in the sense that it is earned rather than paid for, but to be successful, you still need to invest a lot of time and resource in SEO. Search engines have got better at identifying the intent of search queries which makes choosing the right keywords to drive traffic even more important.
SEO takes time because there is no longer an easy way to game the system. Search engine algorithms have become more and more advanced with an emphasis on delivering users the most relevant, and highest quality results based on their search query.

On-page SEO relates to any action taken on the website itself to improve performance. This includes:
Using optimised content that contains target keywords (including meta, headers, images)
Making sure that the site is accessible (can be crawled and indexed by search engines) and can be easily navigated by users
Using internal links (in menus, body copy, and breadcrumbs to aid navigation)
Ensuring that a website loads quickly

Without the right keywords, you’ll really struggle to drive valuable traffic to a website!

However, choosing the right keywords can be difficult, especially if your business operates in a competitive niche. This is why keyword research is so important. Any SEO agency worth its salt will use multiple tools to identify target keywords, assess how competitive they are, and make suggestions of which pages target keywords should appear on.

How long would you wait for a website to load? 5 seconds? 3 seconds? Less?

When it comes to expectations for site speed, did you know that:

47% of people expect your site to load in less than 2 seconds

40% will abandon it entirely if it takes longer than 3 seconds

We live and breathe digital marketing.

Juice & Mods

We’re getting in 20 quotes per day which is almost more than I can handle to per day which is almost answer.

Juice & Mods

Callan Pascoe

Owner, Clearlight Designs


We’re getting in 20 quotes per day which is almost more than I can handle to per day which is almost answer.

Juice & Mods

Callan Pascoe

Owner, Clearlight Designs

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With over 20 years of combine experience, Web Marketing Guru is the trusted by over 3000 Australian SMEs.

“Highly recommend their services. Nothing is a problem and with good advice in a timely manner. Easy to work with and follow up calls much appreciated. Thank you!”

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