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Recommended if you want to target one local suburb

  • 5 optimized keywords

  • Google Map optimization

  • Targeting 1 local suburb



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Recommended if you want to target one local suburb and one surrounding suburb

  • 10 optimized keywords

  • Google Map optimization

  • Targeting 2 suburbs



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Guru’s recommendation as it helps Cover 5 suburbs and 1 Metropolitan city.

  • 10 optimized keywords

  • Increased customer reach

  • Google Map optimization



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Targets Nationwide covering multiple cities and areas

  • 25 nationally optimized keywords

  • 5 Google map optimization

  • Free Social Media Marketing

Monthly Prices $99 $199 $499 $999
 Target Keywords 5 10 10 25
Target Suburbs 1 2 5 Multiple
Target City 1 Australia Wide
Google Map Optimization
Keyword Research
Competitor Keyword Analysis
Website Optimization
Unique Blog Content
Article writing
Optimized Web Page Creation 1 2 6 Multiple
Directory Submission 5 10 20 30
Social Bookmarking
Blog Commenting
Social Media Marketing
Dedicated SEO Account Manager
Monthly Progress Report

Best Local SEO Company Provides Cheap SEO Service throughout Australia, Melbourne

Search Engine optimization is nowadays far-reaching more than ever, and it is also a fundamental step for every webmaster to understand the true meaning of SEO as well the potentiality it creates for every business. In short, SEO is a set of algorithms followed by website, owners to optimize their sites for search engine rankings. This all is being accomplished at Web marketing Guru through implementing search engine friendly website architecture and offering cheap SEO service in Australia, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth areas so that it can be affordable for even small-scale business entrepreneurs. Furthermore, SEO success can be profitable and sustainable only when it is appropriately executed through the conceptually simple process can be a browbeat task but our digital marketing team of web marketing guru is one of the best Local SEO company serving in the suburbs of Melbourne,Sydney& Perth. There are four main aspects which are being carried out for accomplishing, and they are:

  • Technical Optimization- Fixes the basic principles for creating a healthy website.
  • Content Optimization- Highly engaging link-worthy text, graphics, and data are been developed
  • Link-Profile Optimization- Utilizing high-quality content to allure high-quality links.
  • Conversion Optimization- Once the healthy traffic starts generating, then the conversion optimization task is being performed.

Being one of the cheap SEO service providers we have an array of SEO packages which are known as –

  1. Local Map Guru
  2. Local business Guru
  3. Metro Guru.

Striving to maintain our digital presence we try our best to help our customers by using a comprehensive and rapid mode of service in four simple steps which are as follows:

  • Addressing the online booking queries
  • Scheduling a meeting to understand the mindset and conceptual goals of end users
  • Sharing updates regarding current market and product development information.
  • Final Approval and Website Launch

Therefore, holding all these attributes makes web marketing guru known as one of the best Local SEO company Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth.

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