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The Google AdWords Agency in Australia keeps tabs on the latest developments made by Google in PPC

Though organic search engine ranking is proof that you have an edge when it comes to the quality of your web pages, it is quite a time-consuming process.And therefore, for businesses which are on a hunt for a swift and efficient way to capture the attention of the online customers, Pay-Per-Click, which is more commonly known as PPC serves the purpose well. In this model of digital marketing, firms get to display adverts with the link to their website and have to pay a fee every time someone clicks on the same.

Amongst the various forms of PPC, ‘Paid Search Marketing’ or ‘Search Engine Advertising’ is the most popular one as it makes your site reach the wider audience and results in higher conversions. Being aware of the market dynamics of our country, we put our best foot forward for Google AdWords in Australia. Our team would endeavour to highlight your offerings on the top spot of the Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and other similar platforms.We are a fast growing Google AdWords Agency in Australia serving Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and other areas.


  • Obtain the top position on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for your targeted keywords in your desired geographical regions very quickly.
  • Higher chances of developing leads and converting the same into long-term customers of your business.
  • Rescue and corrective measures can be taken immediately, and so, your investment doesn’t get wasted.
  • Higher keyword relevancy and better quality pages result in increased Click-through Rate (CTR), which in turn brings your ad on the top place repeatedly.
  • Proper planning and monitoring can boost conversions, which can ultimately reduce your Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) or Cost-Per-Conversion (CPC).


As Google AdWords Specialist in Australia Melbourne, Sydney & Perth, we follow a systematic process for all types and sizes of businesses.

  1. Identifying Keywords:
    • Depending on the nature of the business and targeted geographic & demographic market segments, we perform keyword research and find out the keywords which customers use the most while searching for the services you provide.
    • We then form the resultant keywords into various groups based on the numerous search query terms used by the netizens on search engines.
  2. Set up a Google AdWords Account:
    • To initiate advertising on the paid ad space on Google, you need to have an account, and we open it for you by filling in the necessary details regarding the currency and mode of payment. We choose the billing type (prepaid or postpaid) appropriate for your requirements.
  3. Create a landing page:
    • The page on which customers land after clicking on the advert should address their concerns, and therefore, we perform On-page SEO for the content, images, Meta tags, headlines, etc.
    • Define goals and use Google Analytics to know the number of visitors at different stages, i.e., those who visited the page, subscribed to email-notifications, filled online forms, etc.
    • We ensure that the page has Call to Action (CTA) and Social Media buttons placed in a way to be properly visible and that they compel readers to respond.
  4. Organize Campaign:
    • We make ad campaigns for different groups of keywords by writing outstanding ad copies, which include relevant keywords and attractive offers.
    • In the ad copy, we add a link to your site for prompt action. If required, we can also add other pieces of information such as links to your social media profiles or your contact number.
  5. Track performance:
    • Gather numeric data from Google Analytics and observe the growth rate in conversion as well as sales.
    • Make alterations in or remove the ad campaigns, which are not giving sufficient returns.
    • Remove those keywords from our PPC plan, which are not working well.

Expected Result

  • The layout, content, and CTAs on the landing page are revised which help in the organic search results as well.
  • A better idea of the keywords, preferred by different consumer groups based on their demographics, lifestyle, etc.
  • A definite improvement in the conversion rates.
  • Building long-lasting relationship with the customers.

Lastly, Rankings are what every digital company strives for, but best prospers at the end! And to make it best for you as well,

Google Adwords management of Web Marketing Guru located in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth is all set to give your business a boost, all you need to do is call us at: 1300 336 290

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