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A design made with special techniques and care, so that the website works equally well on different devices and operating systems, is called responsive web design. No element of content would be missed out irrespective of the device or screen size.
No, the design of your website would not change. The layout would remain uniform across all platforms and devices. In fact, it would provide ease to your customers.
Absolutely not, as on every device, the standard desktop version would be seen.

Technology has flooded the world with the variety of devices to be used for searching products or business online. And every device has its own fan base; to meet the demands of each such group for a supreme browsing experience, responsive design is a must.

If due to using mobile, customers are not able to see certain sections of your website clearly, they are likely to develop a negative impression about you for the long term. And it is definitely not a wise decision to harm your firm’s market potential. Therefore, you should go for responsive design for your website to increase the bottom line of your business.

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Mobile Friendly Website Design in Australia, Melbourne

In today’s fast-paced mobile society the upshot of all the cellular activity is that today’s businesses must have not only a professional, user-friendly website, but also one that looks good and operates well across a broad range of mobile devices, which thus emerges a constructive need of developing a mobile friendly website design. Therefore, keeping in mind our brand continuity we at web marketing guru strive to maintain our consistency by constructing a budget and responsive web design as each of our websites is being tested thoroughly before launching, ensuring the compatibility with Android, i Phones and small market devices. As compared to desktop users, mobile users don’t have access to a traditional keyboard or mouse, Utilizing creative ways is the key component which always remains on the radar of our site designing creation agenda, so that viewers can have the same user experience without facing any challenging navigation, listed few of them are:

  • Understanding Usability
  • Understanding current user needs
  • Defining a content layout for cross-platform compatibility

Before building a responsive web design extensive research is being carried out understanding the requirement of the audience as in what are the elements which they are looking in a website and then accordingly a creative and easy navigation menu is being placed. Most visitors are searching your website from a mobile device, which means your site must be mobile friendly and thus to increase the visitors and conversion rates on your website we work keeping in mind the T-U-B formula which is

  • The Design Process
  • Understanding Goals and trading needs
  • Building the site & Project completion

Thus, at web marketing guru we offer responsive web design Melbourne, Sydney & Perth.


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