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Facebook Advertising

Facebook has been the most prominent social media where most businesses advertise, and almost every business has a Facebook page. But having a page does not guarantee anything. Businesses always have the question “how do I increase my reach through Facebook?”. Well, Web Marketing Guru is here to help you out on this front.

The few focal points of getting more leads is through customer profile, social proofing, and advertisements. We can help you create an ad strategy that will focus on these issues and will help you get the likes and leads that you are aiming for. Our ad strategy is not “one size fits all”, so you won’t have to worry about getting the same plan as the business next door. Trust our team and we’ll help you create a foolproof ad strategy that is flexible with the trends and will meet your needs.

What is the reason every company creates a Facebook page? Well, when you have more than three-quarters of Australia’s population on that online platform, not to mention your competitors, not focusing on Facebook is not an option.

And with recurring impressions at lower costs, you will be spending lesser with every lead you gain. When you choose a social media package from us, you will also have an advertising budget to ensure that your business reaches a wider audience.

Advertising on Facebook is not just putting up an advertisement and hoping that you get customers based on it – it involves analysing your customer profiles and targeting accordingly. Some of the information targeted are:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Employment
  • Specific Interests of Facebook users
  • Groups that Facebook users are a part of
  • Competitors’ customer profiles and many more.

By targeting the right group of customers, you will have a higher percentage of people using your services from the reach and will save money in the process by displaying your ads to only potential customers.

This simply means that Facebook allows you to advertise to a specific group of targeted users. This ensures that you do not waste time and money advertising to the wrong target market. Your ads will be seen exactly by the people who are potential customers.

So, what will you receive if you choose our services?

  • Customised Targeting strategy
  • Increased traffic on business page
  • Increased likes on Facebook page
  • Facebook Ad Copy
  • Increased reach of your business
  • More sales and leads
  • Higher return on Investment

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