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A PPC Sydney Campaign without a Converto Page is a risk to your Marketing Plans

Among the various models of Internet Marketing, ‘Pay-Per-Click’ is used by a significant percentage of businesses in Australia due to its fast and measurable results.

While planning and executing Pay Per Click strategy, the end goal of every organization is to convert maximum visitors into customers and earn their loyalty, thereby developing a steady source of revenue and a chance to get customer referrals as well. Hence, even though the pay per click method is adopted for a limited period of time, its benefits are expected to be accrued over a long duration.

But, as there are two sides to every coin, Pay Per Click Marketing has some disadvantages as well, such as high cost, continuous testing & monitoring, and the contingency factor linked to the conversions. Therefore, a well-formulated Pay Per Click strategy in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Australia is imperative to the success of your Campaign. Here comes the real question – What exactly needs to be done for creating a perfect Pay Per Click Plan?

Until now, targeting the right keywords and locations was enough, but the recent trends demand an intelligently built Landing Page for the PPC in Melbourne and Sydney. This landing page is known as Converto Page (No points for guessing ‘why’) as the intent is to make the conversions soar.

A Converto Page yields optimal profits from the Investment you make in Google AdWords Campaign by generating a favorable response from visitors

Search Engine Advertising or Paid Search beats the Social Media Adverts and other forms of Pay Per Click Australia as it guarantees higher visibility provided your ad copy is written smartly by including the relevant keywords and showing your business offerings in the most lucrative way.

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Google AdWords and Bing Ads are examples of the Paid Search Platforms, on which you can get the sponsored ads of your business displayed to be viewed by the audience whenever they are looking for the products or services you specialize in.

Now, depending on the relevancy and preciseness of your ad copy, the visitors click on the link and reach the page your ad directs to. But, to make them like your business offerings and crack a deal, the landing page should be optimized by using catchy titles, engaging headlines, crisp content, and enchanting images. The objective here is to show your products and promotional offers (if you are running any) in a compelling way to boost conversions.

We build PPC Campaigns for every type of Business in Australia and Melbourne

The design, content, and other elements of a landing page vary from business to business, and hence we provide bespoke solutions to each of our clients to help them realize their business goals efficiently.

Our Web designers and developers create the Landing Page, i.e., Converto Page for Google AdWords and other Pay Per Click Campaigns with a delightful design, clean structure, and pleasant look.

Our Content writers craft content with a mix of text, images, slideshows, charts, and animations to highlight your business offerings optimally. Our editors proofread the content for language, tone, & keyword density and ensure that the information is presented in the simple to understand manner.

Our Project Managers check that the Call-to-Action buttons are placed strategically, enquiry forms are functional, and the contact details are accurate.

We review the Converto Page meticulously before making it live so that your sales go upwards and your business growth becomes easy via an optimized Landing Page.

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