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Google Map Optimisation


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The Problem:

Very low traffic to her website means very few students were enrolled to her classes.

While other small institutes were thriving and Ceecees beauty and training were still struggling to get a foothold in the industry.

While increasing the traffic does not necessarily mean that the number of class enrollments would increase. The focus was the drive quality traffic.

The Solution:

If your strategy is not integrated, it isn’t as effective as it could be. All the pieces in your marketing strategy should be interconnected. Since The initial marketing strategy was in disarray. We began by integrating them all under one roof. Managing PPC, SEO and social media under one roof and interconnecting all marketing strategies together to create a retargeting strategy strong enough to
drive quality traffic from across Victoria.

We started with:

1. Website design and development:

The initial website had to be scrapped to design a more captivating website that not only delivered information to the prospective students but also managed to get their attention the moment they land on the home page.

2. Search Engine optimisation:

By managing the website and SEO under one roof, it gave us the opportunity to manage the on page keywords effectively and help organically grow the ranking.

3. Social Media Management.

We created a social media strategy that involved retargeting prospective students using paid promotions on Facebook and Instagram. We created a social media status by creating engaging posts that drew in crowds as well as kept them entertained.

4. Google maps:

By working on the Local SEO we managed to increase the foot traffic to her salon side of thebusiness and ensure a side by side growth to both facets of her business.

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