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/Join The Social Media Revolution

Social Media has taken the world by storm in the past decade. With increasing number of users, every minute, social media platforms such as Facebook has proved to be an alternative to entertainment, information, news, networking  and most importantly brand selling. Considering the increased influx of audience on these platforms, they prove to be an ideal spot to be utilized for the purpose of trade.

At Web Marketing Guru, we aid our customers in enhancing their trade possibilities through social media platforms by incorporating the best of technology and carefully curated strategy. Keen understanding of social media trends, impeccable technology, proven strategies and skilled personnel has been our backbone. We carefully study your product or service, determine a plan that details data on the preferred target audience, their age group, gender, geographical positioning etc, and push your content at the right time to induce maximum hits. We use multiple strategies for our social media marketing plans to ensure that the right content reaches the right people at the right time. Our guild of expert writers, SEO analysts and social media specialists will ensure that your online presence is both aesthetically appealing and engaging. The experts are constantly analyzing the reach and performance of your page’s social media activity to determine if any changes have to be made to the strategy.

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform that cates to a large database of users. Considering the layout of this media, which renders categorical segregation of its users in terms of their basic details and interests, it becomes easier to identify and collate the target audience. Besides increasing traffic on your page, we include tools that can accentuate your following and ‘likes’ on your page. We follow a simple three-step plan with our customers for social media marketing – find more customers, convert customers into buyers and ensure that they continue buying. Creating an impression is the first step to Facebook marketing whereby you provide content that appeal to the target audience to an extent where they follow your page. Brand recognition is built through a continued association, which includes actively putting out engaging content that can prompt the user to commit a purchase or request services.

We cater to small, medium and large-scale businesses that includes corporates, partnership firms, non-profit organisations, individual providers and more. At Web Marketing Guru, we understand that each customer is unique and hence social media marketing is not a one-size-fits-all feat. We are known as the best in industry to provide tailor made plans for every business type. Economical plans with top-notch quality that guarantees a satisfied clientele has been the driving force for Web Marketing Guru.