When Should You Have a Mobile Friendly Website Design Makeover?

/When Should You Have a Mobile Friendly Website Design Makeover?

Smartphone’s have literally put the world’s information resources in the palm of each user’s hand.  And the world going rapidly mobile you have about 10 seconds with no snooze option to leave a lasting impression on visitors to your website. If you don’t make a responsive web design impact right away, there are chances you may lose a potential client

  • Sounds dreadful right?

It doesn’t have to be! As technology has made it easier to re-create an existing website into one that is mobile-ready. Having said that merely having catchy titles, imagery website and a sleek logo aren’t enough.
It needs to be a mobile friendly website design, reflecting your brand and inviting people in.

  • Still not convinced?

Well, here are few checklists through which you can determine whether your website requires mobile makeover and if they are guilty of any of the points mentioned below the answer is loud NOW!!

  • You’re Not Mobile Friendly/unresponsive- With over 2.1 billion population globally are Smartphone users and with these standards, of course, having a mobile friendly website isn’t just an option, but it’s a must. As it is expected to cross the five billion mark by 2019.
  • Aren’t these numbers alone a motivation for furnishing your website?
  • Ensuring your website meets the demands of mobile users and has a responsive layout. One such way is adopting a responsive web design which is utterly a possible approach as our team of Web Marketing Guru is all girded to please and convert your visitors into customers.
  • Pinch and Zoom situation- remember fingers not the mouse arrow, doesn’t let user’s struggle finding the information they are searching for and sometimes there are chances those gentle slides can redirect them to other websites, and you will lose most customers with all of the hassles it creates. Which surely you would never wish to happen.
  • Don’t be discouraged yet; there is still an opportunity blinking where you can turn visitors into your customers!
  • As the website design packages are still in the race of modesty which has optimized prices of:
    $499, $699 & $999
  • No social presence-We know, we know. It’s all about comments, posts, likes and Shares. And no one goes to websites anymore because it’s ALL about social media! So why not engage those social savvy customers by adding sharing buttons making it convenient for users to share your content.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitters are platforms where you won’t miss the key opportunities of creating a brand footprint and boost your SEO.
  • A cluttered Homepage- Busy homepages can let visitors leave websites- Loaded with written content, unnecessary advertising scrolls; links give a feel of congestion and are an old website design method.
  • Surely you would not want all of these feelings to be faced by your customers, so opt for a clean website design, remove unnecessary links, and trim the content to the bare necessity.
  • Assuredly it won’t let you down, but give your mobile friendly website design optimized conversion rates.

Hopefully, these points have convinced you to keep all of them on top of your website responsive making journey because a site is responsive only if it is able to adapt to the screen of the client. Especially Smartphone’s and tablets.

Finally,  whatever efforts and time we invest in making our business grow at the end what keeps us intact is the investment factor and we at web marketing guru believe in creating first impressions and thus to make you believe so our experienced team of mobile friendly website design and responsive website design, helps to keep the content up to date, combining the technology and design to meet the needs of our customers and clients across Australia and its suburbs with the prospects of attracting more business.