Everything You Need To Know About Google I/O 2018

/Everything You Need To Know About Google I/O 2018

What is Google I/O?
Google I/O is a festival for developers. It is an annual developer conference projecting technical sessions focusing on super structured web mobile and enterprise application connected with open sources and Google such as Chrome, Google Web Toolkit, API’s Chrome OS and the other existing apps and service on which Google clings to. It is announced by the Google innovation team to drive the technology forward with the use of AI- Artificial Intelligence. The first Google I/O was started in May 2008. The recent Google I/O was held from May 8th to 10th at the  Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA
Key highlights of Google I/O 2018

  • #1 Google Duplex

Google assistant has taken a big leap with Google duplex.

Google duplex can make phone calls on your behalf with the help of AI, where you can book appointments for your healthcare requirements, salon needs and even restaurant reservations which take human computing to the next level of Chatbot sound. It’s become smarter and with natural voice one can never know if they are speaking to a robot or a human.

  • #2 Waymo

Waymo is a self driving car that looks like any other normal car. Cool isn’t it? Waymo has already driven 6 million miles on public roads and to support its self -driving feature its going to mesmerize you with its AI character which will play a chief role for protecting you from accidents, ease access for navigating difficult situations which yield to emergency parallel parking.

  • #3 Smart compose

Smart compose is Gmail’s new feature. Smart compose helps you to finish your sentence on an Email. Using machinery language and our daily communications Google has added some distinctive elements into Gmail to help reduce our thinking level on what you need to type next, and just need to hit the tab button to auto complete our sentence.

  • #4 Google Lens

Integrating Google lens into Google Maps is one of the best feature that Google has come up with. This feature will help you plot faster routes, helps navigate bester and faster and you can simply point your phone camera to any object and it will help you in getting information about that place or thing in no time. It helps in capturing image in real time.

  • #5 Android P beta

Taking care of your digital well-being Android P will set time boundaries suggesting an interval from your mobile devices. But you need not to frown, the heart of innovation AI provides you with a no disturb mode which will help abstain from all the surrounding chaos and watch guard your usage displaying the time with the distinguished feature of wind down mode so that you can take a sigh and sleep well as you already had an entire hectic day!

The new Android P beta version is released on all Google phones and the same will be rolled out on all the other Android phones soon.

  • #6 New Voice for Google assistant

The technology has given mankind a totally new perception for letting their creativity being utilized artistically! Google has announced that John Legend and other music artists will be lending their voice for Google Voice Assistant.

  • #7 Adaptive battery

Surf, listen, play, read limitlessly because now you so not need to worry about the battery draining hassle as the new component of Adaptive battery has unlocked the era of machinery key. It is going to be an absolute confinement for the apps you don’t use and result into increasing your battery life, which sounds totally dynamic!

As we live in the world defined by the rapid pace of technological change Google never misses to amaze us with its thunderbolt ideas which shapes and elevates the standards of AI changing the fate of computing cosmos!