How to Secure your Facebook and Other Social Media Accounts

/How to Secure your Facebook and Other Social Media Accounts

‘How safe is my FB account?’ or ‘Can someone tamper with the photographs I have posted?’ – These and many other similar thoughts haunt the netizens these days, after the ‘Cambridge Analytica’ scandal. Though many solutions have been provided from time to time by the digital technology experts to fight with the evergreen concern in the world of social media and virtual communities, i.e., Privacy, there doesn’t seem an end to the issue.

The role which was once played by patios & courtyards in homes and parks in schools is now played by the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other Social Media  Marketing Platforms.

Teenagers learn new activities and bond with their friends through social networking sites, however, speaking only about young generation would undervalue the mass impact this online revolution has on everyone’s life, whether you actively participate in it or not.

Social media sites were conceptualized and executed to facilitate one-to-one and group communication for personal use, but with time, they have grown to become favourite tools for the businesses to achieve multiple goals of product promotion, brand building, recruitment as well as customer engagement.

However, organizations need to understand that their social media profiles are not much different from the files stored on their computer or in their locker room. Therefore, you should be cautious towards the information that you share with the world, as rivals can misuse it and harm your reputation.

As your round-the-clock advisor in the Internet usage, we have given below some tips, which can help you in ensuring the privacy of your Business Social Media Accounts:

  • #1 Create Profiles wisely:

Many organizations create their profiles on almost every social networking site to connect with varied audience groups. But, it’s important to understand that your focus here should be on quality and consistency and not on quantity.

  • Analyze the purpose and features of all sites and register only on those which can be beneficial in augmenting your overall web presence.
  • Close the accounts which you don’t use frequently and also the ones which have little to no effect on your sales and revenue.

Managing multiple accounts not only increases the vulnerability of your business details but also consumes your valuable time, and so, you should choose only a few but reputable sites and use them regularly.

  • #2 Set an Uncrackable Password:

Due to the bad habit of including personal information, such as date of birth, contact number, etc., in your passwords or following a set password pattern, for example, abcd@1234 or xyz@1234, you always run a risk of getting your social media accounts hacked.

Therefore, a strong password is not enough these days; before creating any password, think from the third person’s point of view and come up with a combination that seems impossible to crack.

  • Neither write your passwords on paper nor save them on your mobile phone.
  • While logging in, always check that no one is overlooking your activity.

Update your contact number details in your accounts so that you can get OTP for resetting the password and recovering your data in case of a forgotten password.

  • #3 Befriend Privacy Settings:

Most of the people don’t visit the “Privacy” section under the “Settings” tab either due to the time constraint or the complexity of use.

But, before beginning to make online connections with customers and employees, you must make yourself familiar with the privacy policies and features of the social networking sites. Go through every field of the privacy settings and choose the most suitable option as per the post you are sharing and the intended audience.

  • Every Social Media Site has different privacy features and options, and so, you ought to equip yourself with the knowledge of all of them.
  • Keep checking privacy settings periodically for the addition or modification of features and options.

You can exercise control over viewing, sharing, commenting, and many other actions taken by others on your posts.

  • #4 Fight with Internal threats:

Mutual trust in the organization forms positive ambience and promotes business growth. However, with respect to your social media strategy and accounts, you need to think differently.

  • Give ‘Login Access’ only to those staff members who have some role to play in your social media presence.
  • Create a strict policy about what information should be shared via your business social media accounts.

Change all the passwords at regular intervals, for instance, 3 months or 6 months, to protect your data from insiders who have wrong intentions.

  • #5 Employ the ‘Anti’ tools:

Armor the desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phones that you use for your social media activities with the latest version of ‘Anti-Virus’ and ‘Anti-Hacking’ software and apps.

  • You can also use comprehensive ‘Anti-Malware’ software as a shield against all forms of malware.
  • If the version you are using gets old, switch to the newer versions for enhanced security.

Though you can download and use all kinds of software for free, it’s better to use paid software and apps, as you can get technical support whenever required.

  • #6 Adopt helpful techniques:

Every physical equipment and digital application used in the process of social media marketing has its own risk factor, to combat which you need to follow some golden rules.

  • Use Operating System and Browser only of the latest version.
  • Upgrade the social media accounts to the new versions available.
  • Use separate E-mail Ids for creating accounts on different social media sites.

You can enable the automatic updates for browsers and security apps on your computer and mobile phone.

  • #7 Practice Safety continually:

Along with installing security apps and learning privacy settings, you need to pay attention to small things for safe social networking.

  • Enable ‘Private’ or ‘Incognito’ browsing.
  • Always uncheck “Keep me logged In” box.
  • Use Password manager tool.

You might see an unclear or a suspicious link while scrolling through your social media accounts. Out of curiosity or excitement, many people tend to open it, which results in malicious attacks. Always stay away from such web links. Also, make it a habit of deleting cookies regularly.


Social media channels have become an easy medium for stealing business information, and so, you must use them prudently.

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